Mlody Las – 46 Bal Polski

Polish Folklore Song and Dance Group

In 1972 Mr Zbigniew Bartus, working with the Polish community in Slough, initiated the formation of a song and dance group, naming it Młody Las, which means Young Forest: a new crop of young people growing in England yet with their roots tied to the traditions and culture of Poland.


The dance group is primarily a youth organisation, aiming to nurture and develop a love for the richness of Poland’s folklore among second and third-generation Poles born in this country and also with the new generation of Polish youth recently arrived to these shores. The dance group has helped with the integration of these young people by encouraging a healthy lifestyle and a commitment to community activities. Młody Las appears all over Southern England, mainly at charity and fund-raising events and, of course, multi-cultural celebrations, as well as traditional folk festivals.

Our current dance director, Mr Milo Baumgart, joined the group as a 14 year old in 2002. Milo attended the famous Polish Folklore choreographer’s course in Rzeszów (Poland) in 2007, obtaining his full teaching Diploma on 23rd July 2010.   In order to celebrate 40 years of Młody Las, Milo set the group a challenge – to take part in the internationally renowned XVI World Festival of Polish Overseas Folklore Groups 2014, in Rzeszów. This was a tremendous undertaking for all concerned, requiring hard work and commitment and, of course, the support of the local Polish community, fundraisers and sponsors. The Festival was an incredible experience and success.   By going to Rzeszów, Młody Las strongly believes that the trip will leave a lasting legacy for the future of the dance group, providing a platform for aspiration and excellence for future dancers.



LSA have donated a modern and elegant blue sapphire vase for the fundraising at 46 Bal Polski.


Coloured glass is encased in the thick clear walls and heavy base of this handmade, architectural vase. Combine with other Modular shapes to build a skyline of varying heights and proportions. Available in white and sapphire. DETAILS: Handmade glass. RRP: £60.00 DIMENSIONS: 40 x 10 x 10cm

The origins of LSA International are found in fashionable swinging sixties London, when Janusz Lubkowski and his wife Ewa were inspired to approach Terence Conran at Habitat with traditional brightly coloured enamelware from their native Poland.

Having established the company with co-founder Tony Saunders, the success of these enamelled coffee pots, mugs, kettles and colanders led Janusz to explore other avenues of Polish production.


Porcelain clay was made into plain white and patterned tableware, popular amongst consumers who sought practical and contemporary designs. Leather bags, satchels and holdalls made from tanned cowhide were sourced from small production workshops. Wooden accessories from Polish cooperatives specialising in the folk traditions of woodwork completed the early collections.


But it was mouthblown glass that offered the greatest potential for transformation. Whilst an archetypal tumbler and jug reflected Janusz’s affinity for the practical, the versatility of the material spurred experimentation with shape, colour and decoration thereby extending the range for the fashion-conscious consumer.


On joining the company in 1985, Monika Lubkowska-Jonas worked closely with her father, gaining a deep understanding of skilled craft production and developing her unique instincts for quality and style.


This insight into artisan dexterity and the potential of the raw materials encouraged Monika’s creativity, leading her to experiment with different techniques and push the boundaries of hand production – particularly in mouthblown glass, which quickly became her principal focus. She began designing unique collections which demonstrated the complexity of glassmaking, blowing refined or complicated shapes and using lustred paint or richly coloured glass, as well as simple yet functional pieces which reflected her love of entertaining and demonstrated an intuitive understanding of the way people live.




Today Monika shapes and refines LSA International’s identity, continuing her father’s passion for contemporary design and traditional craft, guided by the creativity and innovation around which the company was originally built. As a result, the products celebrate Monika’s aesthetic, her continued inspiration from artisan processes and the original 5 materials – glass, porcelain, leather, wood and enamelled steel.




Almost all LSA International glassware is handmade. This means that each product is individually mouthblown and hand-finished by skilled artisans. The techniques used to make glass by hand have not essentially changed for 2000 years.


Our designs are brought to life by some of the world’s most talented craftsmen, located in Poland – a country with a long and rich heritage in glass, porcelain and wood production. Their skills have been refined and perfected over several generations and the process continues to evolve as we explore new techniques.




A collection of block-shaped vases inspired by architectural structures. Combine a series of pieces to build a skyline of varying heights and proportions. Each vase is individually crafted by glass craftsmen and presented in photographic packaging.


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If you can’t make it to the 47 Bal Polski but you would like to make a donation to one of our chosen charities or if you would like more information, please email

Marzena Konarzewska 47 Bal Polski Chair:

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Menu 45 Bal Polski

18:00-19:45 Champagne Reception Mercier Champagne

sponsored by Sami Swoi


Starters | Przystawki

Atlantic halibut with samphire, borlotti beans and brown shrimp

Pieczony filet z halibutu podany na zasmażanej fasoli borlotti z krewetkami oraz dressingiem z kopru morskiego i cytryny

Vegetarian option – please preorder

Pithivier with baby leeks and Jerusalem artichokes

Ciasto francuskie nadziewane karczochami, młodymi ziemniakami oraz porami podawane z białym serowo – kremowym sosem


Mains | Danie główne

Molasses of Surrey farm sirloin served pink and short rib of beef, pressed potatoes and red cabbage

Stek wołowy sirloin w marynacie z melasy podany z żeberkiem w chrupiącej panierce, słodkimi batatami, czerwona kapusta oraz sos winny

Vegetarian option – please preorder

Butternut squash bread pudding with Fennel

Pudding foccacia z dyni piżmowej i czerwonej słodkiej cebuli podany z koprem włoskim oraz sosem z dzikiej rukoli


Dessert | Deser

Individual caramelised pear tatin with mixed spice ice cream

Francuska tarta z karmelizowanej gruszki podana z lodami korzennymi oraz cytrynowo-żurawinowa galaretka

1/2 bottle Wine per person
1 bottle per table sparkling water

Coffee and Petit Fours

We are committed to offering a wide range of culinary and dietary options for our Guests. When your table host books your tickets please specify vegetarian, food allergies or your dietary requests to: Ewa Cross, 46th Bal Polski Organising Committee Secretary

46 Bal Polski Donation: PZG Polish Association of the Deaf Centre Opole, Poland

Thanks to generous fundraising at 46 Bal Polski, a cheque for £40,000 was presented to:


Polish Association of the Deaf, Opole Centre for Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Deaf and Hearing-impaired children.

We are fundraising for the Specialist Centre for the Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Children and Young People with Hearing Impairments, based in Opole, Southern Poland. Currently renovating and refurbishing urgently needed new premises, it hopes to move there as soon as possible. The new location will allow access to not only able-bodied patients and parents with very young children, but also anyone with mobility problems, including senior citizens.


Projekt: Remont lokalu na nowa siedzibe Ośrodka

Osrodek rehabilitację słuchu i mowy wobec osób z uszkodzonym słuchem w różnym wieku. Opieką objęte są także dzieci ze sprzężonymi wadami rozwojowymi oraz dzieci słyszące rodziców niesłyszących.

Obecnie placowka znajduje sie na 2 pietrze przedwojennego budynku, gdzie konstrukcja nie pozwala na zamontowanie windy. Utrudnia to, a w niektorych przypadkach uniemozliwia dostep do jednostki. Na dzień dzisiejszy placówka nie spełnia wymogów Ministra Zdrowia, które nakazują placówką medycznym dostosowanie pomieszczeń do wymagań sanitarnych i ułatwienie dostępu dla osób niepełnosprawnych ruchowo. Grozi to zamknięciem Osrodka.

Organizacja pozyskała nowy lokal umieszczony na parterze z Urzedu Miasta Opola. Jednakże siedziba wymaga kapitalnego remontu. Dotychczas udalo się wymienic okna.

Celebration | Temat

46 Bal Polski Celebrating:

2018 r. Rok Jubileuszu 100-lecia Odzyskania Niepodległości

The 100th anniversary of Poland Regaining its Independence

ENG This year’s Polish Ball is honoured to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland’s restored independence, 123 years after the country disappeared from world maps, having been fully partitioned between the Russian, Prussian and Austrian empires.

This anniversary also commemorates and honours the efforts of all those who fought throughout this dark period to maintain the Polish spirit, language and culture, in spite of attempts by the occupiers to minimise or even forbid these activities, often violently.


Although it was a gradual road to full independence from 1918 onwards, Poland celebrates 11 November as the day that Marshal Józef Piłsudski, released from German captivity, assumed full authority over the new Polish state and formed a centralised government, calling parliamentary elections soon after. On that day, the dream of generations of Poles came true: the Polish state was reborn, throwing off the shackles of a nation partitioned and 123 years of serfdom. After great uprisings, free Poland was reinstated on the map of the world.

We commemorate those who remained unyielding not only on the battlefields but also the everyday effort to preserve the spiritual and material substance of the nation and the everyday endurance of Polish families.

We honour the work of every individual over the years since, who helped to re-establish the new Poland as an independent, strong European nation.


Otwarcie Balu | Champagne Reception –  Rozpoczęcie Cichej Aukcji | Silent Auction commences – Drzewko Szczęścia | Lucky Dip


Występ zespół Mazury-  | Performance by Polish Folk Song and Dance Group Mazury


Polonez prowadzony przez zespół Mazury | Polonaise led by Polish Folk Song and Dance Group Mazury


Oficjalne otwarcie balu | Welcome speeches