Flowers with fruit bowl

“Flowers with fruit bowl”, medium pastel, 67cm x 86cm


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Painted for and donated to 46 Bal Polski fundraising by the artist Sophie Pecko

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Sophie Pecko was born in London of Polish descent. She has been passionately drawn to painting and drawing ever since she can remember and feels intensely about everything she creates. This, combined with a deep interest in people, makes her ideally suited to portraiture. Each portrait is unique, endeavoring to catch the individuality of the sitter. It is very important for her to create a portrait that will please both herself and the client. Her work hangs in many private collections and two of her portraits recently featured in BBC2’s Newsnight programme.

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Experience Lviv Lwów – A city stroll and dining

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Bal Polski is proud to offer a walking guided tour of the historic city of Lviv Lwów in the company of a magnificent Polish-speaking tour guide, for up to two days.

He will be able to point out the splendid architecture in and around the Rynok (Market Square) and Old Town. A mixture of styles are on show, with international influences – Russian, Austrian-Galician, Polish and Ukrainian.

Lviv Lwów Opera

46 bal polski, lwow, lviv, bal polski, jola piesakowska
Lviv Lwów Church

Founded in 1256, the Old Town has such sights as the magnificent Roman Catholic Latin Catherdral, the Boim Chapel (the only surviving 16th century family chapelin the city), the Bernardine Greek Catholic Church of St Andrew, the Byzantine Armenian Cathedral, the Korniakt Palace with its Italian courtyard, and many other churches and palaces, all lovingly restored. Quirky places of interest include the Lwów Coffee Mine in the Square, which needs to be seen to be believed!

46 bal polski, lwow, lviv, bal polski, jola piesakowska
Boim Chapel

Further out, climb to the top of the Vysokyi Zamok hill, from where a beautiful panorama of the city can be seen, visit the Potocki Palace, now a renowned art museum, and go inside one of the most beautiful Opera Houses in Europe.

46 bal polski, lwow, lviv, bal polski, jola piesakowska
Lviv Lwów City Hall

Of course, a visit to the Lychakiv Cemetery (Cmentarz Łyczakowski) is a must. Over 400 acres in size, this is a moving and beautiful experience. See the Powstanie Styczniowe (January 1863 Uprising) and Powstanie Listopadowe (November 1830 Uprising) Memorials with the graves of hundreds of insurgents, and the Lwów Orlęta Cemetery (Cmentarz Orląt Lwowskich), as well as the graves of many famous Poles with connections to the region.

46 bal polski, lwow, lviv, bal polski, jola piesakowska
Lwów Orlęta Cemetery | Cmentarz Orląt Lwowskich
46 bal polski, lwow, lviv, bal polski, jola piesakowska
Lviv Lwów city walls

Included in this offer is a meal for two at the world-famous Baczewski Restaurant in the Old Town. Offering Galician delicacies, this is one of the city’s top restaurants.

Baczewski restaurant bal polski 46 bal polski balpolskiuk

Dining at Baczewski Restaurant Lviv

More information about Baczewski Restaurant can be found here

Many Thanks to Baczewski Restaurant who donated this dining voucher and to the Bal Polski supporter who donated the 2 day walking tour.

To bid for this unique Galician experience please look for our silent auction at 46 Bal Polski

Tickets for 46 bal Polski on sale now

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Basia Hamilton – The Renaissance of Portrait

Barbara Kaczmarowska Hamilton is internationally famous thanks to her great skill in the art of portraiture. What do the Queen Mother, Pope John Paul II and the Maharajah of Jodhpur all have in common? They have all been painted by Basia Hamilton.

What does the Queen Mother, Pope John Paul II and the Maharaja of Jodhpur have in common? They’ve been all portrayed by Basia Hamilton – the world-famous artist, who has immortalized the icons of our times. Born in Sopot, Poland. Graduated from the Academy of Art in Gdansk and then continued her studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice and Rome. She specializes in portraits in oil and pastels.

The artist became internationally famous thanks to her great skill in the art of portraiture.  She lives in Berkshire, UK, with her husband Ian and their sons Felix and Maximilian, and divides her working time between her studio in London, and travelling world-wide.

Regarded by many as the ‘Ambassador of Poland in the West.’ In 1994, the Polish President and the Noble Prize Winner Lech Walesa awarded Basia Hamilton with the Order of Merit – “in recognition of her precious contribution to the spreading of Polish culture and art”.

Her sitters include: His Holiness Pope John Paul II, H.M. Queen Elisabeth The Queen Mother, H.R.H. Princess Royal, H.R.H. The Duke of Kent, H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent, Lech Walesa, H.R.H. The Maharaja of Jodhpur, H.R.H. Duke of Braganza, Princess Tatiana Metternich. Margaux Hemingway, Alberto Moravia, Giorgio De Chirico, Buzz Aldrin, and many others who all together constitute ‘the Hall of Fame’ in her gallery.

She is listed among the 50 citizens of Polish ethnic background, who made a significant impact on the life and history of the British Isles, among General Anders, Joseph Conrad, King Canute and Roman Polanski.


Born in Sopot, Poland. Wife and mother of two boys. Living with her family in England. Works at her studio in Central London.


Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice and Rome

Academy of Art, Gdansk, Poland


2nd Prize, 33rd Festival of Arts, BWA, Sopot

Bronze Medal, Polish Contemporary Painting Festival

Gold Medal, 3rd Biennale of Gdansk Art, Gdansk

2nd Prize – Biennale of Contemporary Art, Rome
1st Prize Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Rome
Bronze Medal, 4th Review of Contemporary Art, Fontana di Trevi

International Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures of Young Artists, Rome


Pope John Paul II

H.M. Queen Elisabeth The Queen Mother
HRH Princess Alexandra of Kent
HRH The Duke of Kent
HRH Prince Michael of Kent
The Duchess of York
Lady Salisbury
Sultan of Brunei and Family

The Maharaja of Jodhpur

President Lech Walesa


Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw

Royal Pastel Society, The Mall Galleries
Royal Portrait Society, London

Gdansk, 10th Festival of Polish Contemporary Art

Rome, Palazzo Nazionale
Rome, National Biennale of Modern Art

Venezia, Bevilaqua La Masa


Royal Lazienki Gallery, Warsaw

Residence of the British Ambassador, Warsaw

Partirdge Gallery, London

European Academy for the Arts, London
Accademia Italiana, London

Polish Cultural Institute, London
Palm Beach, Florida

Liguanea Club Kingston, Jamaica

Polish Hearth, London

Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Springs, California

Polish Museum, Sikorski Institute, London
Palm Springs, California

Palm Beach, Florida

Gdansk, Sieñ Gdañsk

Galleria Il Trittico via Margutta
Cassel Gallery, London
Penellaccio, Rome
Gallery Picasso, Sassari
Gallery 8, Soport, Poland

Donated by the artist to 46 Bal Polski:

A portrait sitting by Barbara Kaczmarowska Hamilton

Basia Hamilton, 46 Bal Polski, Bal polski

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Come to 46 Bal Polski and bid in our auction to win a sitting with this renowned artist!


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Crystal Head Vodka


Highest quality peaches and cream corn is distilled four times into a neutral grain spirit and blended with pristine water from Newfoundland,  Canada. The liquid is then filtered seven times, of which three are through layers of semi precious crystals known as Herkimer diamonds.


Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander wanted to craft a vessel worthy of one of the world’s purest vodkas. A symbol of life, reflecting power and enlightenment, to hold their award-winning white spirit of super natural purity.

Crystal Head contains no additives. No glycerol, citrus oils or sugars. Nothing is added to enhance or mask the taste.

Nothing but Pure Spirit.

LSA Sapphire Blue VASE

LSA have donated a modern and elegant blue sapphire vase for the fundraising at 46 Bal Polski.


Coloured glass is encased in the thick clear walls and heavy base of this handmade, architectural vase. Combine with other Modular shapes to build a skyline of varying heights and proportions. Available in white and sapphire. DETAILS: Handmade glass. RRP: £60.00 DIMENSIONS: 40 x 10 x 10cm

The origins of LSA International are found in fashionable swinging sixties London, when Janusz Lubkowski and his wife Ewa were inspired to approach Terence Conran at Habitat with traditional brightly coloured enamelware from their native Poland.

Having established the company with co-founder Tony Saunders, the success of these enamelled coffee pots, mugs, kettles and colanders led Janusz to explore other avenues of Polish production.

Porcelain clay was made into plain white and patterned tableware, popular amongst consumers who sought practical and contemporary designs. Leather bags, satchels and holdalls made from tanned cowhide were sourced from small production workshops. Wooden accessories from Polish cooperatives specialising in the folk traditions of woodwork completed the early collections.

But it was mouthblown glass that offered the greatest potential for transformation. Whilst an archetypal tumbler and jug reflected Janusz’s affinity for the practical, the versatility of the material spurred experimentation with shape, colour and decoration thereby extending the range for the fashion-conscious consumer.

On joining the company in 1985, Monika Lubkowska-Jonas worked closely with her father, gaining a deep understanding of skilled craft production and developing her unique instincts for quality and style.

This insight into artisan dexterity and the potential of the raw materials encouraged Monika’s creativity, leading her to experiment with different techniques and push the boundaries of hand production – particularly in mouthblown glass, which quickly became her principal focus. She began designing unique collections which demonstrated the complexity of glassmaking, blowing refined or complicated shapes and using lustred paint or richly coloured glass, as well as simple yet functional pieces which reflected her love of entertaining and demonstrated an intuitive understanding of the way people live.


Today Monika shapes and refines LSA International’s identity, continuing her father’s passion for contemporary design and traditional craft, guided by the creativity and innovation around which the company was originally built. As a result, the products celebrate Monika’s aesthetic, her continued inspiration from artisan processes and the original 5 materials – glass, porcelain, leather, wood and enamelled steel.


Almost all LSA International glassware is handmade. This means that each product is individually mouthblown and hand-finished by skilled artisans. The techniques used to make glass by hand have not essentially changed for 2000 years.

Our designs are brought to life by some of the world’s most talented craftsmen, located in Poland – a country with a long and rich heritage in glass, porcelain and wood production. Their skills have been refined and perfected over several generations and the process continues to evolve as we explore new techniques.


A collection of block-shaped vases inspired by architectural structures. Combine a series of pieces to build a skyline of varying heights and proportions. Each vase is individually crafted by glass craftsmen and presented in photographic packaging.

Kinoteka Film Festival Gala Film: The Call of the Sea

Kinoteka Film Festival: The Call of the Sea (15*) + live musical accompaniment

Silent Film and Live Music

Kinoteka Film Festival closes with a digital restoration of the 1927 Henryk Szaro film The Call of the Sea, based on a novel by Stefan Kiedrzyński.

Immensely popular in Poland in the 1920s due to its complex scenery and cinematography, this epic love story with a turbulent plot combines maritime cinema and romance. Stach (Jerzy Marr) enlists himself on a ship where he quickly wins the trust of the captain and the heart of his daughter – Jola. But when he returns to his hometown, he crosses paths once again with his first love, Hanka (Maria Malicka), and starts to question his maritime love.

The film features many stars of the silent film era as well as officers and gunmen

of the Polish navy and air force.


Presented in partnership with the Polish Cultural Institute in London. 

More information about Kinoteka

100 Buildings, 100 Years


The relationship between wider political/social events and the architecture produced and the functions housed is a very compelling part of the study, cross-referenced well in the graphics of the exhibition –Building Design

100 Buildings 100 Years is a lovely slice of architecture that takes in everything from Preston bus station to the Scottish Parliament building. –The Herald

A nice, blameless, modest and uncomplicated palate-cleanser. / The images form a snapshot of Britain’s diverse design history. –The Spectator / Elle Decoration

About the Author

The Twentieth Century Society is a British charity that campaigns for the preservation of architectural heritage from 1914 onwards. The society’s interests extend to buildings or artefacts, whether important or humble, rare or commonplace, that characterise twentieth-century Britain. The Society was formed as The Thirties Society in 1979. They provide support and advice to architects and planning authorities to protect the best twentieth-century architecture and design, whether through listing or sympathetic development and management. Their work aims to highlight the importance of forgotten (and sometimes controversial) 20th-century buildings to our architectural heritage: anything from a phone box to a power station, from a 1920s private house to a 1970s shopping centre.

The Twentieth Century Society protects outstanding architecture and design dating from 1914 onwards, so in 2014 it is marking 100 years of buildings under its protection. Originally founded as the Thirties Society in 1979, its first major case was the fabulous Art Deco Firestone factory on the Great West Road. Its remit has always been to protect the best of all types and styles of architecture and design from neo-Georgian to Art Deco, Modern Movement to pre-fab, and its campaigns now extend to brutalist and high-tech buildings. This book showcases photographs of 100 buildings – one for each year from 1914 – which represent the range and quality of work the Society protects and the amazing range of fascinating buildings we have in Britain. Each photograph is accompanied by information about the building, including why it stands out in a 100 years of architecture. The authors include noted experts in the fields of architecture, heritage and design, including Gavin Stamp, Alan Powers, Owen Hatherley and Rowan Moore. In addition, the book includes the best overview of modern architecture with essays on The Inter-war Decades (Gavin Stamp), Post-war Architecture (Elain Harwood) and Postmodernism (Timonthy Brittain-Catlin). Some of the buildings featured in the book include De La Warr Pavilion, Royal Festival Hall, Barbican housing, Bracken House, Cenotaph, the Firestone Factory, BT Tower, and pre-fabs.

This lovely book has been donated to 46 Bal Polski fundraising.

See you at 46 Bal Polski!

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U’Luvka Vodka: Friendship, Love, Pleasure

U’Luvka Vodka FLP Friendship, Love, Pleasure Gift Box is ULuvka Vodka’s latest creation. The Vodka Gift Set 70cl has 2 U’Luvka Vodka designer (legless) shot glasses and the ULuvka cocktail book. Uluvka Vodka is fresh, ripe grain notes, clean and direct with real body, and a good range of nuances: spice, sherbet, and nuttiness. Initially delicate with a creamy, lightly buttery character, and an impressive, sweet, savoury, spicy balance with underlying dryness, expanding further with aniseed freshness and spice. Vibrant grain finish retains freshness and keeps delivering flavour.

‘U’Luvka produces the best vodka martini I have ever tasted. Simple as that.’ Nidal Ramini – Co-Founder Dusk, K Bar and Montgomery Place.

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46 Bal Polski Drzewko Szczęścia | Lucky Dip

£20 a ticket, every ticket is a winner. Our luxury prizes range from bottles of champagne, gift bottles of spirits, unique signed gifts and books, generous vouchers for events, meals and beauty treatments.

Tickets for the Lucky Dip will be on sale from 6:30 pm, make sure you buy your lucky ticket during the champagne reception!

Many thanks to all of our generous donors to 46 Bal Polski Drzewko Szczęścia | Lucky Dip.

Every penny raised goes to our chosen charities.

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Discover Joshua Altback Haircare & Beauty Salon!

Based in the affluent St. John’s Wood High Street, the salon has become a leading authority in hair extensions and brazilian hair straightening and a go-to destination for Londoners and out of towners alike looking for contemporary cutting, colouring and styling. After kick-starting his career at the Daniel Galvin salon in London, Joshua has been working as a freelance hairdresser. Joshua specializes in cutting, hair-up, bridal hair and hair extensions and is consulted at many high profile events and weddings to showcase his skills.

Josh was selected as one of 10 winners chosen to participate at the inspiring Alternative Hair Show held at the magnificent Royal Albert Hall in London. The theme of the show was “Renaissance” and Joshua’s piece was a photograph of a hairstyle designed by him to illustrate this idea. When interviewed, Josh said;

“This dramatic look was then translated on the night using a model. The exquisite hair; fashion styling and make-up application resulted in a truly incredible creation”. There was no doubt as to the reaction of the audience, with over 5,000 attending they all showed their appreciation through applause and cheers! Tony Rizzo and Celebrity Hairdresser Anthony Mascolo presented the award and Joshua added “It was a wonderful evening that challenged me and pushed my creativity. It also allowed me the opportunity to work alongside other artistic hairdressers. As well as the kudos of being a winner at this show – standing on the stage of the Royal Albert Hall is an awesome experience!”

Come to 46 Bal Polski and you could win a cut and blow dry or a Guinot facial in our lucky dip

Thank you Joshua Altback for these generous donations to our fundraising!46 Bal Polski + Zapraszamy

Joshua Altback
Haircare & Beauty
82 St. Johns Wood High St

Phone: 0207 722 1225 / 0207 586 2486

OPENING TIMES: Monday – Wednesday 9am – 6pm. Thursday & Friday 9am – 6.30pm. Saturday 9am – 6pm. Sunday 10am – 5pm.

8am Appointments are available from Tuesday – Friday with Joshua, Chris and Norman


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