Celebrate with Mazury at their 70th anniversary Gala Concert!

You are warmly invited to join Mazury to celebrate their 70th anniversary at the New Wimbledon Theatre, London! In March 2019 Mazury’s world class Polish folk dancers will be performing at this beautiful theatre , showcasing energetic and exuberant dances,  colourful and authentic folk costumes and  evoking the unquenchable spirit of Poland!

Mazury Dance Company the internationally acclaimed Polish folk song and dance group is one of the largest and longest-established Polish dance groups in the UK. Set up in 1949, with more than 120 members across three groups. Mazury regularly perform Polish national and regional songs and dances to audiences throughout the UK and Europe.

Tickets for this special anniversary celebration gala concert are available from the New Wimbledon Theatre or online at


Mazury will be performing at 47 Bal Polski. On this very special night 2 VIP tickets for the Mazury 70th Anniversary Gala Show will be exclusively available at our silent auction. Come to Bal Polski, bid for 2 VIP tickets   All proceeds from this prize will be donated to support the historic Mazury Dance Company.

As a charity based group finding funding is always difficult and with the rapidly expanding numbers within the company. So, if you would like to help Mazury continue with what they do, please visit the link to the Aviva Community programmes page and register to vote for Mazury. Your support means so much to us as a group so that we can continue to thrive, perform and support our local youth network. https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/voting/Mazury

Donated to Bal Polski fundraising: Adam Mickiewicz | Pan Tadeusz signed by Bill Johnston

Pan Tadeusz, Pan Tadeusz The Last Foray in Lithuania Bill Johnston, Bal Polski, 47 Bal Polski, Jola Piesakowska

The national epic of Poland and touchstone of modern European literature, now in a fresh translation by award-winning translator Bill Johnston.

A towering achievement in European literature, Pan Tadeusz is the central work of the Polish literary canon, heralded for its lovingly detailed recreation of a bygone world. The traditions of the Polish gentry and the social and natural landscape of the Lithuanian countryside are captured in verse of astounding beauty, simplicity, and power. Bill Johnston’s translation of this seminal text allows English-language readers to experience the richness, humor, and narrative energy of the original.

In a panoramic view of early 19th century Polish society, Pan Tadeusz interlaces various narrative threads, from the homecoming of the eponymous Pan Tadeusz from his studies in the city, to a feud between local families over ownership of a ruined castle, to clandestine preparations for Polish participation in Napoleon’s anticipated invasion of Russia, to the mystery of Father Robak (“Worm”), a monk whose involvement in all the stories seems to tie them together.

Adam Mickiewicz’s verse novel is the single most influential text in the Polish language, period. But that’s not why readers should flock to it in English. We should read it because it is a supreme work of Romantic irony—hypnotic, hilarious, melancholic, strange. And, in Bill Johnston’s masterful translation, breathtaking.

Benjamin Paloff

The book is marvelous, its language preserved as a thesaurus of phrases whose origin has been long forgotten, now constituting a shared national vocabulary. … It has now appeared in a very good translation by Bill Johnston, uncluttered by archaisms, quick and energetic, full of humor and warmth, unobtrusively rhymed. It is a gift to English­-language readers, revealing the depths of Lithuanian forests, squabbling warrior­-barons, and flirting ladies in search of husbands. And the underlying despair of the author—an exile forever separated from home.

Irena Grudzińska, Book Post

Drzewo Mądrości – Tomasz Tobolowski

Drzewo  Mądrości  – Tomasz Tobolowski

 Tree of Wisdom by Tomasz Tobolowski

120 x 90 cm, oil on canvas

Obraz darowany przez Galerie i Dom Aukcyjny Bohema Nowa Sztuka,z siedziba w Warszawie,  ktora artyste reprezentuje.

Bohema Dom Aukcyjny i Galeria
Warszawa, Aleje Jerozolimskie 99

Donated to 47 Bal Polski fundraising: Galeria i Dom Aukcyjny Bohema Nowa Sztuka, Warszaw.

Bohema Dom Aukcyjny i Galeria
Warszawa, Aleje Jerozolimskie 99

Biografia Tomasza Tobolewskiego.

dr hab. Tomasz Tobolewski
PL: Malarz, grafik i wykładowca akademicki, urodzony w 1973 r. w Zabrzu. W latach 1995–2000 studiował w ASP w Krakowie (Wydział Grafiki w Katowicach), uzyskując dyplom w Pracowni Druku Wklesłego prof. Stanisława Kluski. W 2006 r. uzyskał stopień naukowy doktora sztuki, a habilitację w 2012 r. Jest wykładowcą w Instytucie Sztuki Wydziału Artystycznego Uniwersytetu Śląskiego w Cieszynie oraz w Katedrze Grafiki na Uniwersytecie w Ostravie (Czechy). Wyjątkową rolę w jego dorobku artystycznym zajmuje rysunek. Jest nie tylko podstawą warsztatu malarskiego, ale również samodzielną formą wypowiedzi.

Tomasz Tobolowski  1973-

ENG: Painter, designer and University lecturer in Zabrz, Poland.

A painter, graphic artist and academic lecturer, born in 1973 in Zabrze. In the years 1995-2000 he studied at the famous Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Faculty of Graphic Arts in Katowice), obtaining a diploma at the Printing Studio of Wklesła, prof. Stanisława Kluski. In 2006 he obtained the degree of doctor of art and residency in 2012. He is a lecturer at the Art Department at The Silesian University in Southern Poland and a visiting lecturer at The Art Academy in Ostrava, Czech Rebublic.

Tobolewski took  part in many individual  and group exhibitions around the world. He was awarded in 2011 The Grand Prix at The X International Biennial Dry Point.

He is represented by an exclusive Polish gallery and auction house BOHEMA-Nowa Sztuka.

PL: Laureat kilku nagród i wyróżnień w polskich i międzynarodowych konkursach.
Zdobył m.in.:
2014 – Nagroda im. Haliny Chrostowskiej na Triennale Grafiki Polskiej w Katowicach ufundowana przez ASP w Warszawie
2011 – X Międzynarodowe Biennale Grafiki Dry Point – Serbia – Grand Prix
2010 – X Międzynarodowy Jesienny Salon Sztuki „Homo Quadratus Ostroviensis” Ostrów Świętokrzyski – wyróżnienie
2009 – Międzynarodowy Konkurs na Rysunek im. Andrioliego Nałęczów – wyróżnienie honorowe
2008 – Triennale „Tarnowskie Klimaty” – wyróżnienie honorowe
2006 – III Międzynarodowy Konkurs Rysunku, Wrocław – Nagroda Prezydenta Miasta Wrocław 2005 – Praca Roku ZPAP Katowice – Grand Prix
2004 – Praca Roku ZPAP Katowice – nagroda równorzędna
2004 – Międzynarodowe Biennale Rysunku, Pilsno – Czechy – Nagroda Prezydenta Miasta Pilsna

ENG: Winner of several awards and distinctions in Polish and international competitions.
He won, among others:
2014 – Award for them Halina Chrostowska at the Polish Print Triennial in Katowice funded by the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
2011 – X International Graphic Biennale Dry Point – Serbia – Grand Prix
2010 – X International Autumn Art Salon “Homo Quadratus Ostroviensis” Ostrów Świętokrzyski – distinction
2009 – International Competition for Drawing them. Andrioliego Nałęczów – honorary distinction
2008 – Tarnowskie Klimaty Triennial – honorary distinction
2006 – 3rd International Drawing Competition, Wrocław – Award of the Mayor of Wrocław 2005 – Work of the Year ZPAP Katowice – Grand Prix
2004 – Work of the Year ZPAP Katowice – an equivalent prize
2004 – International Drawing Biennale, Pilsno – Czech Republic – President of the City of Pilsna Award