47 Bal Polski is fundraising for essential renovations at Przybysławice residential  children’s care home, Przybysławice Village, Lublin County, Eastern Poland.

Children’s home in Przybyslawice lies in Gmina Garbow in the lubelski county. It was opened on 1.09.1953.
The home is designed to accommodate 44 pupils, who are housed in two buildings. Currently there are 41 children staying at the home.
The building is a traditional country house. It includes a garden and a small farm.
The living conditions and organized learning groups offer an environment similar to that of family life.
The teachers implement a system of patronal care over the children, which allows the teachers to provide closer individual care as they oversee groups of 5 pupils.
The form of care and teaching will follow the individual study plans prepared for each child.

The living conditions

The children’s home may be situated in the building, which has rooms for 1-3 people.
The rooms must have natural daylight and provide storage space for the personal belongings of the children, as well as offer a place for personal, quiet study.
The rooms must be of a suitable size to fit a sofabed or bed, a table lamp and bedside cabinet, a wardrobe or share of a wardrobe to store shoes and clothes, (which are appropriate to the season), space for personal belongings and toys.
The building must have bathrooms as well as laundry and drying facilities.
There must be enough bathrooms to allow for adequate privacy and conform with the principles of hygiene.
The establishment must provide a dining room, guest room, sports and rehabilitation equipment, a kitchen (if required by the establishment), respite rooms equipped with books, tables, chairs, TV, games and toys. There should be at least one such room provided for every 14 children. In addition, this type of establishment ought to provide kitchen annexes – no less than one per 14 children.
The bathrooms in our establishment require total renovation and modernization.





46 Bal Polski was held on 3rd February 2018. We raised £40,00 for

Ośrodek Diagnozy i Rehabilitacji Dzieci z Wadami Słuchu, Opole, Poland