47 Bal Polski is fundraising to provide Polish translation versions of Coram Family and Childcare Trust information videos.

47 Bal Polski Organising Committee are fundraising for the translation of Coram Family and Childcare Trust videos because they they work to make the UK a better place for families, focusing on childcare and the early years to make a difference to families’ lives now and in the long term.


Following on from Bal Polski’s successful work with Alzheimers Society, Stroke Association and Rethink Mental Health charities 47 Bal Polski is fundraising to provide the Polish community in the UK access to translated information from leading UK charities.

This is part of Bal Polski’s Projekt Polonia initiative: once the funds have been raised, volunteer committee members actively support and advise on the production of the translated leaflets and materials, raising the charity’s awareness of the Polish community’s needs. We then help by promoting the materials within the Polish community in the UK.

“We need to make childcare work for all of us.”

Many parents in the UK are frozen out of work by the high cost and low availability of childcare and many children miss out on high quality childcare that can boost their outcomes in childhood and beyond. The brunt of childcares costs and shortages are borne by disadvantaged families.

When one family misses out, we all miss out.

Good quality childcare and early years services help children narrow the gap between themselves and their better off peers and helps parents move into work, improving social mobility today and in the future.

Getting the early years right gives parents genuine choices about working and caring, provides the economy with a reliable workforce and sets children up with the skills they need for life.How we bring about change

Bringing together what we learn from our on the ground programmes with families and our authoritative research, we make change happen by campaigning for solutions that parents want and need.