By a resolution of Zamość County Council of 22 June 2018, a 15 bedroom Home for Mothers with Young Children and Pregnant Women opened its doors on 1 September 2018 at 7 Osiedlowa Street in Łabunie, providing 24-hour temporary accommodation for mothers and carers of young children in need, and for pregnant women, as well as for fathers with small children and other persons caring for children who have found themselves in a crisis situation. The home is also intended for underage girls during their pregnancy and the perinatal period.

The average monthly cost of maintaining a resident at the Home is 3,400.00 PLN. for an adult, and 1700.00 PLN. for a child.

By the decision of the Organizing Committee, the Home for Mothers with Young Children and Pregnant Women will be the beneficiary of the funds collected during the Polish Ball.

Below, we present a letter sent to the Organising Committee by the director, Ms. Anna Boć-Bil:

Łabunie, 9 December, 2021

To Ms Marzena Konarzewska,

Chair of the Organising Committee of the Polish Ball

Dear Chair and Members of the Organising Committee, and Distinguished Guests of the 50th Polish Ball in London,

It was with great emotion that we received the news that the proceeds from the 50th Jubilee Polish Ball in London will be donated to the Home for Mothers with Young Children and Pregnant Women in Łabunie.

It is a great honour and distinction for the whole team of our Centre. I’d like to express our enormous gratitude for the fact that our daily efforts have been appreciated and rewarded by you, by being part of such a wonderful event.

The grand tradition of the Polish Ball in London with its charitable nature absolutely deserves the highest praise. Including Poles abroad, its aims remain open to helping those in need in Poland.

I can assure you that by taking part in this special event you will make the lives of our mothers and their beloved children much brighter.

We are very glad, and we thank you in advance for every form of your support.

We hope that you all have a fantastic time, with unforgettable impressions and reflexions, with wonderful memories for years to come.

With warmest regards and gratitude,
Anna Boć-Bil
Home for Mothers with Young Children and Pregnant Women in Łabunie