Mazury Dance Company

Mazury will be dancing at 47 Bal Polski and Leading our guests to the Polonaise.

Mazury Song and Dance Company of the Polish YMCA was founded in 1949. Its members consist of over 100 dancers, singers and musicians in three groups from age 7 upwards. Mazury’s performances over their 70 year history range from charity fundraising, educational and social events, to shows at prestigious UK and European venues. Mazury have appeared on television in over thirty countries and the Company both tours and participates regularly in major festivals both in the UK and abroad, including at the Festival of Polish Folklore, the Festival of the Beskid Mountains, and the Festival of Kasubian Culture in Poland. Mazury have had the honour of performing for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and several other heads of state, and have entertained the Prince and Princess of Wales. Mazury have been the mainspring of national and patriotic celebrations and its dancers have on several occasions appeared as guests of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London. Last November the group performed at the Royal Albert Hall to mark the centenary anniversary of Poland’s return to independence. Mazury proudly represent Polish culture in Great Britain and the Company is passionate about preserving its rich history and folk traditions. To be in Mazury is to be part of a ‘family’; lifelong friendships form amongst the musicians and dancers, who span several generations. The group is always delighted to welcome new members of the Polish community into the fold.

Mazury’s 70th anniversary will be marked by a gala performance on 3 March 2019 at the New Wimbledon Theatre, London. Tickets to the Gala are available directly from the theatre. Come and join us in our festivities!

Polish YMCA Section in Great Britain
Registered Charity No: 1175952




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