A superbly illustrated series of three books illustrating 303 Squadron, one of the most famous fighter squadrons in history. Nearly 200 pages per volume full of original wartime photos, fact boxes and biographies.

Volume One covers the origins of the squadron going right back to 1779 and charts its pilots’ progress from the outbreak of WWII through to July 1941 when the squadron had gone onto offensive operations over France.

Volume Two covers the period from the summer of 1941 to the autumn of 1943 when the squadron was boosted by the addition of new blood and future aces such as Drobiński, Gladych, Horbaczewski and Adamek

Volume Three covers the period from the autumn of 1943 until the war’s end and the squadron’s ultimate disbandment in 1946, and includes wartime colour photos and a full index for all three volumes.

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