• Stimulating Firming Day Cream SPF 10, 50 ml
The cream more than doubles the elasticity of mature skin and reduces the visible effects of aging and the long-term adverse impact of environmental aggressors on the skin. The red algae extract and Shea butter form a protective film on the skin, supporting restoration of appropriate moisture and lipid levels, and smoothness.

• Regenerating Anti-wrinkle Night Cream, 30 ml
Designed as a regenerating cream for mature skin, the product contains special Reformula™ complex which reduces the risk of age-related discolouration. The cream visibly improves the condition of mature skin, and helps to restore its smoothness, elasticity and normal tone.

• Anti-wrinkle Ultra Cream Eye and Eyelid Area Day & Night, 15 ml
Rich in repair agents, the cream is recommended for the delicate skin around the eyes. Hydrolysed wheat protein and black currant seed oil have moisturizing and smoothing. As a result, the cream effectively influences the reduction in wrinkles, improves skin firmness and provides an appropriate level of hydration of the skin around the eyes.  

Dr Irena Eris Fortessimo is a unique line of nursing and regenerating  cosmetics recommended for mature skin over 45 age created as a result of lengthy and detailed research using the latest scientific achievements of world’s cosmetology. Fortessimo corrects the effects of hormones deficit in the skin and long-term cumulative processes of aging.