Poem By “Jayantee Khare Nov 2018

some memories preserved
for special one, some reserved
for long, some freezed
with time, some released
some memories’ fragrance
yet infused in the ambience
when they cross the mind
the life gets new vibrance

This art piece was created as part of an intriguing project that delves into the rich history of aromatherapy and natural scents, about the human anatomy and how scent connects ‘scent memories’, to a time and place.

Scent is an enigma, because over a lifetime, it can draw a picture on many human experiences from the moment we are born.

With thanks to our generous fundraising donors you can bid for and win this beautiful artwork at 47 Bal Polski.

Jenny Madalura, is a London based artist and designer, specialising in abstract art-forms based on themes about nature and the allure of scent to human memories.

Madalura London is a luxury gift and life-style brand created by British-Filipino, artist and designer, Jenny Madalura.

Jenny is a mother of two children, with an age gap of 20 years between them, with her eldest son who is a recent cancer survivor, and her youngest only 17 months.  She’s also a silversmith, jeweller, perfumer and a chandler.

Madalura London products are thoughtfully created, with a slow-fashion attitude of making products using the concept where less is more.  Whilst retaining the beauty and elegance, using the highest quality, natural, eco-ethical ingredients and materials.  We believe that true beauty comes from being in harmony with nature and using natural resources wisely without compromising on luxury or style.