Letter from the President of the Association for the Disabled and Local Activity DLA CIEBIE in Pobiedziska

Pobiedziska, 09.12.2022

Dear Ms Marzena Konarzewska 

 Chairperson of the Organising Committee of the 51st Polish Ball

Dear Madam Chairperson, the Ball Organising Committee, Distinguished Guests of the 51st Polish Ball in London, 

It is a great honour for our Association that you have decided that we will be the beneficiaries of the 51st Polish Ball in London. 

We are very touched by your charitable initiative!

 “Together We Can Do More” – the slogan that has accompanied our activities for more than 30 years – thanks to your decision, it has become meaningful again.

The Association for the Disabled and Local Activity “DLA CIEBIE” has existed for 30 years.

Today, the first people in our care are adults; every year, up to a dozen children with congenital disabilities join the ranks of those we support, as well as adults who have been deprived of the possibility of normal functioning through accident or illness. We provide rehabilitation and therapy for approximately a hundred disabled people every year. As a social organisation, we undertake many forms of rehabilitation for the disabled to ensure that the right help reaches them where they live.

Our activities are also the story of overcoming stereotypes about people with disabilities, and here we are still on the way to achieving our goal. We have learnt to raise funds for our day-to-day needs, but we are still operating in inadequate conditions in rented premises. We want to create a place for the times, using our knowledge of what kind of premises we need!

Our aim is to build a centre in Pobiedziska where we would provide a service to our local community supporting the needs of all disabled residents. Thus, our motto “We can, I can, do more” also applies to everyone to whom we provide assistance.

We would welcome any kind of support.

To the distinguished Ball attendees, we wish you a wonderful time. 

We would like to thank you all today for the beautiful feeling that Poles, wherever they live, are willing to think of their compatriots to whom fate is not always kind!

With respect and warm greetings,

Hubert Łaganowski 

Translation of the letter from the Mayor of the City and Municipality of Pobiedziska

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I was delighted to learn that you, the participants of the 51st Polish Ball in London, have chosen to make a charitable donation to an organisation that has been working in our Region most effectively for the last 30 years for the benefit of people with disabilities.

The Polish Ball in London is synonymous with the tradition of generosity of the Polish community in the UK. It is moving that, through your choice, participants in the Ball will hear about my city and my Commune.

You will be supporting an organisation which, through its actions, has proven that through social involvement it is possible to provide real help to people whose opportunities have been limited by circumstances or whom fate has destined a more difficult path. People who, thanks to the activities of the Pobiedziska association “DLA CIEBIE” often show us how much they can achieve and what barriers they can overcome.

I am convinced that you have chosen the right organisation. I know the aspirations and plans of the Board of the Association, and I know how necessary the funds are to build a centre for the disabled in the Pobiedziska area. This organisation, by creating a day support centre for people with learning difficulties eight years ago – the Occupational Therapy Workshop – has shown that it can act effectively.

I am convinced that your generosity will be a driving force for the development of the Pobiedziska Association.

For my part, I can assure you that as a representative of the local government I will formally support the construction of the new centre, and I will also seek forms of material support for this work, which, thanks to your charitable initiative, has the opportunity to be realised.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gesture of support for the disabled community of my city and the Pobiedziska municipality.

I wish you a wonderful experience and a great time at the 51st Polish Ball in London.

 With best regards and appreciation,

Ireneusz Antkowiak