Pączki Po Połnócy! Midnight Munchies: Polish Doughnuts

The Polish Bakery has sponsored Pączki Po Połnócy at 46 Bal Polski!

Just after midnight, mountains of traditional Polish pączki will be served for our guests, thanks to The Polish Bakery

The Polish Bakery was founded in 2003 and we are the oldest Polish bakery in the UK. We are a traditional company and attach a great importance to the quality of our bread. Just like we care about the family, we take care of our bread.

The Polish Bakery powstała jako firma rodzinna w 2003 roku w Londynie. Dziś jesteśmy najstarszą polską piekarnią na rynku brytyjskim. Jako firma z tradycjami, przykładamy dużą wagę do jakości naszych wypieków. Tak samo jak o rodzinę, dbamy o nasz chleb.

Nasze Produkty

Wypiekane w The Polish Bakery produkty oparte są na na tradycyjnych recepturach i najlepszch gatunkowo składnikach, z których wiele sprowadzamy bezpośrednio z Polski, by zachować autentyczny smak.

Our Products

Our products are hand made freshly everyday using traditional Polish recipes and only the finest authentic ingredients, many still sourced direct from Poland.

Great moments!

Jesteśmy dumni z naszych Wielokrotnie Nagradzanych Przepisów

Odwołując się do serca każdej kultury, której podstawą jest bochenek chleba, wykorzystujemy najlepsze, tylko naturalne składniki do jego produkcji, a nasz wielokrotnie nagradzany Mistrz Piekarz strzeże receptury zakwasu i odpowiednich proporcji innych składników.

We are proud of our Award Winning Recipes

The Master Baker is proud of his heritage, but even more proud of the fact that his inspiration has succeeded in bringing hundreds of years of Polish baking tradition to Britain, and that now a new population is enjoying his passion.


The Polish Bakery has donated a voucher for one of the award winning cakes for 46 Bal Polski fundraising!

and for all of our guests…

Pączki will be served by the Silent Auction area in the Ballroom…just before auction bids close!

46 Bal Polski + Zapraszamy

Dziękujemy Naszym Darnczyńcom!


Fancy a 2 ½ year, 51,916km bicycle ride through 29 countries?

As a toddler, Jeremy Scott suffered from a huge hole in his aorta valve that cruelly denied him the opportunity to live the life of a normal healthy child. At just four years of age Jeremy underwent Open Heart Surgery at the hands of renowned surgeon Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes. Thirty four years later with practically no experience or training, Jeremy took the unbelievably courageous plunge and began a 2 ½ year, 51,916km bicycle ride that would see him cycle through 29 countries from London to New Zealand.

c) Jeremy Scott

While separate encounters with the Iranian and Filipino Mafia had Jeremy fearing for his life, it was the beautiful acts of kindness offered by strangers throughout the world that will forever warm his heart.

jeremy scott, 46 Bal Polski, bal polski,
C) Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott, bal polski, 46 Bal Polski
c) Jeremy Scott

While this beautiful story of self-discovery will leave you feeling genuinely inspired, Jeremy’s stunning photographs from the road will render you speechless in this stunning publication.

To view some more of the images you will find within this book please go to the following link:


The Long Road From A Broken Heart is not only a story about life in the saddle, it is story about the beautiful side of humanity and an example of what someone can achieve if they believe in themselves and have the courage to chase their dreams.

Jeremy has donated 1 signed and dedicated copy of his book to 46 Bal Polski fundraising.

46 Bal Polski + Zapraszamy


Can’t wait that long?…

To buy a copy of this book Jeremy will be donating 10% of the RRP on every book sold towards either the New Zealand, Australian and British Heart Foundations depending on where that book was sold.

For orders within the United Kingdom please follow the link to the British Heart Foundation Website:

Pssst! Enjoy a secret escape at Dwór Anna…

A weekend fit for nobility.

Discover Polish hospitality and Old World charm.

Would you like to win a weekend full board stay at Dwór Anna in Poland?

Voucher weekendowy z noclegiem i wyżywieniem, z możliwość realizacji w miesiącach maj-lipiec 2018.
Dwór Anna in the east of Poland, near Lublin is a unique and traditional hotel, which offers high standards. It dates back to XV century. In one unusual place you can find gardens with fountains and beautiful views of a private pond.

You can meet wild deer and ducks and find peace in nature. Our restaurant has been hailed as superb; we offer exquisite wines and impeccable service. Enjoy the lovely and informal atmosphere of the property. We will do our best to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

Dwór Anna we wschodniej czci Polski, w pobliżu miasta Lublina unikalny, tradycyjny dwór z XV wieku, oferujący najwyższą jako ść. W jednym, nietypowym miejscu znajdą Państwo ogrody z fontannami, piękne widoki na staw, obecność dzikich saren i kaczek, można tu poczuć spokój przyrody.


Nasza restauracja jest znana jako wyśmienita, oferujemy dobre wina oraz nienaganny serwis. Poczuj ciepłą i przyjazną atmosferę dworskiej posiadłości. Zrobimy wszystko co w naszej mocy, aby uczynić Państwa pobyt udanym i komfortowym.

Come to 46 Bal Polski and you could win a secret escape weekend at Dwór Anna

Dziękujemy Naszym Darnczyńcom!

STRONA INTERNETOWA: www.dworanna.pl
FB: https://www.facebook.com/DworAnnaLublin/



Since setting up our first studio in 2005, Bootcamp Pilates has been a proud pioneer of Dynamic Reformer Pilates. We brought this revolutionary workout to London from the US and believe that it’s simply the best, fastest and safest way to transform your posture, strength and shape.


Bootcamp Pilates aims to dazzle, energise and challenge, not scare you into submission. Above all, we want to inspire you – whoever you are and whatever your goals – to be the best that you can B.

From our website to our Twitter feed, Bootcamp Pilates has a brand new identity. We hope you like it. And more to the point, we think it gives a better impression of what we’re all about. We’re aware the word “Bootcamp” can evoke harsh, scary sergeant majors. So, we’ve replaced our old military look with a bold, contemporary twist on artist Norman Wilkinson’s striking dazzle camouflage. Originally used to disguise ships in World War I, we’ve adapted Norman’s design to reveal a bit more about ourselves through our very own dazzle B logo.


Rather than mats, Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes involve exercising on Reformer machines, based on a century-old invention by Joseph Pilates himself. Imprisoned in a First World War camp, Pilates wanted to help bedridden fellow inmates keep their muscles moving and stop them wasting. Using patients’ hospital beds and bedsprings, plus any materials he could lay his hands on, he created a clever system of springs, straps and pulleys – enabling resistance exercise while lying down.

Expertly designed and totally safe, our Reformer machines are essentially a sophisticated version of Pilates’ original design, providing a highly effective, no-impact stretching and toning workout. They are kind to your skeleton and joints, and help lengthen and strengthen your muscles. As for the dynamic part of our workout, you’ll find a Bootcamp Pilates class highly energetic, invigorating, inventive and enjoyable: something different every time and with a stimulating soundtrack to boot. As a result, it’s a fantastic way to lose weight and gain a more aligned, toned body in a matter of weeks.

Bootcamp pilates has donated a voucher for 10 bootcamp classes for fundraising at 46 Bal Polski. Come to Bal, join in the the fun and you could win this life-changing experience!

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Win a Prim & Proper massage!

Sports massage, relaxation and pregnancy massage therapist in Lambeth South London

SRMT is not just for athletes and active people, it benefits everyone. We all create tension and weakness in our bodies. It is usually the product of poor posture habits, over use (work and exercise) and sometimes just a genetic predisposition. My role is to correct those imbalances; releasing tension, improving tone, muscle function and improved range of movement.


Prim qualified from the London School of Sports and Remedial Massage in 2013 obtaining a Level 5 BTEC Clinical Massage qualification. Being an active person and taking part in long distance endurance events including Marathon running and Half Ironman Triathlons. He has a clear idea what it takes to make the most from exercise and understands the potential of Massage Therapy whether your goals are improved body dynamics, injury prevention, recovery or general relaxation there is a bespoke treatment for you.

– Prim

What to expect from Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy (SRMT)

SRMT is based on Western anatomical and physiological research and experience. It uses Swedish massage techniques, combined with modern advanced stretching and soft tissue release by manipulating soft tissue (muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia). Anatomical knowledge plays an important role, as it is the guide for the massage therapist when taking a postural assessment, to see and feel for the tell tale signs of muscular imbalances caused by lifestyle choices.

Prim and Proper have donated a voucher for 2×60 minute massages to 46 Bal Polski fundraising. Dziękujemy!

46 Bal Polski + Zapraszamy

if you can’t wait to win this prize,



07932 965 153


SUGARING is the next hair removal trend you are going to be obsessed with.

Your sugared smooth body is literarily minutes away. Win this voucher and book your appointment for the ultimate body hair removal and gentle exfoliation . Your skin will thank you with a glow.

sugaring london

If  you have not heard of sugaring before it’s a method of removing unwanted hair in the natural direction of growth by applying a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and water to the skin and then peeling it off together with the hair. Developed by ancient Egyptians who considered a hairless body synonymous with royalty, class and prosperity, sugaring has provided an effective cosmetic solution since the early ages. The sugaring paste we use is so natural you can eat it. Our therapists are the best in the industry. They are trained, qualified and insured in the “art of sugaring” and know how to apply the sugar paste so that it’s less painful than waxing. Besides the obvious benefit of hair removal sugaring does not adhere to live skin cells, nourishes the skin and therefore actually improves the TEXTURE of your skin and who doesn’t want to have silky, smooth, delicious skin.

​Nervous about getting sugared ? Don’t be!  Our expertise lays in The Hollywood & The Brazilian.  We have done over a thousand bikini treatments and have developed a technique that is quick with the minimum discomfort.  Our sugaring paste is applied at body temperature, which makes it safe for all areas of the body and removes any risk of burning. Good to know: our unique sugaring treatment will get rid of all ingrown hairs that you can get when you wax or shave.

ORGANIC AIRBRUSH:  Believe us when we say, you’ve never had a tan quite like ours. We don’t use orange or green dyes in our organic tanning solutions. Our tan is 100% natural & organic, sophisticated and paraben-free. The bronzer we use is made of caramel or cacao. You will never leave us orange or intoxicated – only with our amazing organic California tan that is ! We don’t “spray-tan” but “Organic Airbrush”. This means that the mist that comes out of our airbrush-gun is very fine and never leaves you patchy. We will change your perception of spray tanning forever!

sugaring is a real thing. Its your thing.

Wax has been known to remove more than just the hair, since it can adhere directly to live skin cells, which makes waxing painful and irritating. Wax cannot be applied to an area more than twice at the most.
Sugar cannot adhere to live skin cells. Why, you wonder? Live cells are wet, and because sugar is water soluble, it will not adhere to live skin cells. lt will extract the hair and exfoliate the dead skin cells, helping to free ingrown hairs. lt is also safe to perform treatment on dry itch eczema and dry psoriasis. This means less discomfort to you, and less trauma to the skin. lt is gentle enough to go over the same area several times when necessary to extract the shortest and most coarse hair, without causing skin damage or irritation. What’s not love?

So stop waxing and hop on the sugaring train. Located only 1 minute walk from Royal Oak station (Hammersmith & City and Circle Lines).
Sugaring London 64 Porchester Road London W2 6ET


Sugaring London is all about educating our lovely clientele. We want you to get sugared because you understand why sugaring is good for you, not because is is the latest hype.
Did you know that in some countries people get sugared even if they don’t have any hair ? You wonder why? It’s because sugaring EXFOLIATES your skin, leaving behind healthy skin with a beautiful glow.  Our sugar paste only sticks to your dead skin cells. Whereas waxing can stick to both your dead AND active skin cells. You wonder why…..keep on reading Sugaring London’s next blog!

Sugaring London have donated a £50 voucher to 46 Bal Polski fundraising, DZIEKUJEMY!

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“My favourite Twitter account is now my favourite book. Irresistible!’


By Tom Jackson

With an introduction by Mark Haddon

Past Postcard, Bal Polski, Tom Jackson book, holiday, funny book

In Postcard From The Past, Tom Jackson has gathered a collection of the funniest, weirdest and most moving real messages from the backs of old postcards.


Praise for Postcard from the Past

‘Resurrecting these postcards, relics of forgotten times and forgotten holidays, was the simplest and most brilliant idea. Tom Jackson combines the images with just a few of the words scribbled on the back, and his eye for the choice sentence, the perfect phrase, is miraculous. Thanks to his assiduous, obsessive work as collector and curator, each one of these postcards becomes a poem, a short story, an elegy for lost England, a work of art’ Jonathan Coe

‘Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, this is a beautiful collection of tiny windows into the story of other people’s lives.’ Joanna Cannon

‘Sublimely funny’ Jason Hazeley, author of the Ladybird Books for Grown Ups


past postcard, postcard from the past, tom jackson, 46 bal polski

‘Postcard from the Past contains not just 150 very short stories, each one of which bears comparison with the work of Alan Bennett, Stevie Smith and Marcel Proust, but also lovely, picturesque views of coves, chines, promenades, escarpments and the Museum and Art Gallery, Doncaster. You will wish you were there’ Andy Miller, author of The Year of Reading Dangerously


past postcard, tom jackson, postcardfromthepast

@PastPostcard has over 53k followers and gains 150+ followers a day.

It receives 10 million impressions every 28 days, and on average 350k impressions every day. Followers include comedians, radio presenters, journalists and well known figures in the media etc. Prominent examples include Joanna Cannon, Dawn French, Nigella Lawson, Rob Brydon, Matt Lucas, and Rob Delaney.

‘My favourite Twitter account is now my favourite book. Irresistible!’ Jill Mansell


‘This book is an absolute treat’ Holly Walsh


‘Transfixing, beguiling, warmly haunting. These are the ghosts of a childhood’ Robin Ince

‘A hilarious and occasionally disturbing look at how the British remain resolutely small-minded wherever they go’ Charlie Higson

‘Six by four inch portions of pure heaven’ Rachel Johnson

‘Somehow both poignant and deeply creepy’ Samira Ahmed

‘One of Twitter’s most nourishing concepts – each one arriving like a bonsai Alan Bennett play’ Danny Baker

‘Beautiful. Inspiring. Educational. Hilarious’ Emma Freud

‘One of the saddest and funniest picture books you’re ever likely to read’ Owen Hatherley,

‘Hilarious, haunting, silly, poetic and profound’ Danny Wallace



‘A marvel. With these gnomic fragments of our holidaying past Tom Jackson has illuminated the banal lyricism of the British condition, a deadpan miscellany of wan nostalgia, profound melancholy, stoic humour and inexplicable dread. The necessary survival text for post-Brexit Britain’ Andrew Male


‘Brilliant and hilarious’    Jeremy Dyson, The League of Gentlemen


2 signed copies of Postcard from the Past have been donated for fundraising at 46 Bal Polski. Our thanks to the author of Postcard from the Past, Tom Jackson.

Come to 46 Bal Polski and you will be in with a chance to win a copy!

46 Bal Polski + Zapraszamy

Past Postcard, Bal Polski, Tom Jackson book, holiday, funny book



Postcard from the Past is available on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Postcard-Past-Tom-Jackson/dp/0008220530

Follow on Twitter @pastpostcard


Olga Pelipas Artwork commissioned for 46 Bal Polski!

The Fountain.  Olga Pelipas

90 x90 Acrylic

Into the sunshine,
Full of the light,
Leaping and flashing
From ‘morn till night!

The Fountain
James Russell Lowell

In her paintings Olga Pelipas seeks to develop a theme of female beauty and harmony of nature and as a symbol of the holy mystery of life. She works in the technique of acrylic and oil paintings with different textures.


Urodziłam się na Krymie w 1988…

Od dzieciństwa marzyłam, by zostać w przyszłości malarką lub projektantką. Gdy byłam dzieckiem moja mama często zabierała mnie na wystawy do różnych muzeów i galerii. Już wtedy zachwycałam się malarstwem. Rodzice wspierali moje zainteresowania sztuką i zapisali mnie do szkoły plastycznej. Potem studiowałam Kolegium Artystycznym na Krymie

Dalszą edukacje artystyczną kontynuowałam na ASP w Charkowie. Studiowałam na Wydziale Grafiki(Ilustracja książkowa) i na Wydziale Malarstwa Muralowego.

Trudno określić w  jakim stylu maluję. Inspiruje mnie sztuka secesyjna.

W swojej twórczości próbuję rozwijać temat piękna i harmonii kobiety. żeńska postać występuje jako alegoria natury.  Szczególnie jest mi bliski antyczny obraz bogiń, opiekujących się różnymi elementami przyrody.

Ciągle eksperymentuję z różnymi sposobami malarstwa. Zwykle maluje farbami akrylowymi, a wykorzystanie różnych lakierów pomaga mi osiągnąć efekt laserunku.

W swoich pracach łącze naturalistyczne postacie kobiet z abstrakcyjnym tłem. Nie boję się użyć grubej warstwy faktur z prawie rzeźbionych elementów za pomocą różnych past strukturalnych.

Praca odbywa się dość spontanicznie. Zaczynam pracować na płótnie, tylko staram się od razu sobie wyobrazić, w jakiej kolorystyce będzie praca. Proces można porównać z mozaiką, szczegóły fabuły buduję według złożonego schematu rzetelnie dobierając kolory.

Olga Pelipas(1988)


W latach 2003-07 studiowała w Kolegium artystycznym na Krymie. 2007-13 studiowała w Akademii Wzornictwa i Sztuk Pięknych w Charkowie, Ukraina (Malarstwo monumentalne)


Wystawy :

2000 wystawa sztuki “World without dark colors” ekspozycja Ukrainy na wystawie światowej

“Expo-2000” Hanower, Niemcy.

2007-2013 wystawy zbiorowe w Związku Artystów Plastyków(w Charkowie i na Krymie, Ukraina,

2009 Festiwal “Street art” Charków , Ukraina

2011 “Triennale młodych twórców” (zajęła trzecie miejsce ) w Muzeum Sztuki na Krymie, Ukraina

2012 Projekt artystyczny “Żywa ściana” galeria “Maestro” Charków, Ukraina

2012 wystawa indywidualna “Ser na całym świecie” galeria “Kostyurinskiy Pereulok  ” w Charkowie, Ukraina

2015 “Przyjaciele vkontakte” (zajęła pierwsze miejsce ) galeria “Kostyurinskiy Pereulok  ” w Charkowie

2016 “The HF ArtsFest 2016”   POSK Gallery: “Eastern European Art” Londyn, Wielka Brytania

2014-2017 udział w Aukcjach Młodej Sztuki w Desa Unicum i Sopockim Domu Aukcyjnym, Art. in House, Pragalaria, Xanadu Warszawa

2017  45 Bal Polski w Londynie

2017 Plener Malarski „Barwy Wschowy 2017”

Obrazy są w prywatnych kolekcji w Polsce, Ukrainie, Niemczech, Francji, Australii






I was born in the Crimea in 1988…

Since my childhood I’ve dreamed  to become an artist or designer. When I was a child, my mother often took me to exhibitions in museums and galleries. Even then I admired art and painting. My parents supported my interest in art and sent me to art school. Further art education I continued in the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts at the Department of Graphics and the Department of Monumental Painting. It’s hard for me to determine in which style I’m painting. The art of the Secession inspires me.

In my work I try to develop the theme of beauty and harmony of a woman. A female figure appears as an allegory of nature. I’m close to the image of ancient goddesses who are responsible for the various elements of nature.

In my paintings I combine naturalistic figures of women with decorative background. I create different textures and effects using various structural pastes. Work on the picture is quite unpredictable. I start painting right on the canvas, just at once I try to imagine in what color the picture will be. the process can be compared to mosaic section- details I build on a complex scheme, carefully selecting colors.

I’m always experimenting with different ways of painting. I usually paint with acrylic paints and the use of different varnishes helps me to achieve a glazed surface.

Olga Pelipas

Born in Crimea (Ukraine) in 1988. She graduated from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (former Kharkiv Institute of Industrial Arts) in 2013- chair of Mural Painting,2011- chair of Book Illustrations.

She graduated from the Crimean Art College in 2007.


2000 Exhibition of art of the “World without dark colors” in the exposition of Ukraine at the International Forum “Expo-2000”, Hannover, Germany

2007-2015 Regional exhibitions in Ukraine

2009 Street Art Festival in Kharkov Ukraine

2011 “Triennial of Young Artists”( won third place) in Simferopol Art Museum, Crimea , Ukraine

2012 Personal exhibition in Kharkiv, Ukraine

2015 “Friends in vkontakte” (won the first prize) Kostyurinskiy Pereulok Gallery , Kharkiv, Ukraine

2016 “The HF ArtsFest 2016″   POSK Gallery: “Eastern European Art” London Great Britain

2014-2017 Young Art Auctions , DESA Unicum and Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Art. in House, Pragalaria, Xanadu  Warsaw Poland

2017 The 45th Polish Ball in London

 2017 En plein air “Colours of Wschowa” Poland

Works in Private Collections in Poland, Ukraine, Germany, France, Australia

The Fountain has been commissioned for and donated to 46 Bal Polski Live Auction.

Dziękujemy Pani Pelipas!

Come to 46 Bal Polski and join in the bidding for this beautiful, luminous painting.

46 Bal Polski + Zapraszamy