Women’s Strength – Małgorzata Łapsa-Malawska

gosia lapsa malawska, bal polski, jola piesakowska

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Małgorzata (Gosia) Łapsa-Malawska

20x20cm, Oil on linen board, 2017  framed

Exhibited at Ben Uri Museum:  Art Out of the Bloodlands: A Century of Polish Artists in Britain, 28 June – 17 September 2017 

Gosia is a Polish artist based in London. She is a Street Art lover and self confessed Portobello addict (seeking help).
She works in: painting, collage, photography, poster design and lithography.
In her work are visible influences of ‘The Polish School of Posters’ and Japanese aesthetics. 
Gosia uses terse language and a monochrome palette, to seamlessly blend ideas within a dimension of stark simplicity and suggested form.
The artist believes in fewer strokes, to achieve clarity and space to invite her audience to use their own imaginations. 
In her works she explores the relationships between people and art in public spaces, the idea of an urban loneliness and the isolation one can experience when lost in a crowd. 

The artist avidly watches people, observing lives that inevitably inspire her, as she transposes them and her personal experiences into the hinterlands of her imagination

Reserve Price: £500 Valued at £960


Gosia Łapsa-Malawska

http://www.malawska.com/gosia lapsa malawska, bal polski, jola piesakowska

Gosia is a keen supporter of Bal Polski: every year donating a piece of her evocative work for our fundraising.

Thank you so much.


See you at the Bal!

46 Bal Polski + Zapraszamy

Aleksandra Piątkowska – Strawberry Cat – a photographer capturing magic moments.

Aleksandra Piątkowska master of fine arts / designer / freelancer

Master of Fine Arts, I had finished graphic design and new media at The Art Institute of University in Opole.

Aleksandra Piatkowska, bal polski, balpolski, 46 bal polskii
(c) Aleksandra Piatkowska

I have worked as both an artistic and a commercial photographer while devoting a lot of my time to graphics and drawings. Mainly I occupy myself with photography. With my parents I have been running a photo studio that has been set up by them in 1997 and is still gradually expanding.

(c) Aleksandra Piatkowska

About two years ago I created a separate artistic project called Strawberry Cat that currently operates in the UK and deals with fashion, children and family photography. I still assist my parents in Poland in their studio by taking weddings and venues pictures.

 I would like to offer you a voucher worth £70 for participation in a mini photo shoot for a family portrait, children or street fashion photos.

You can use the voucher both in London and in my photo studio in Gliwice, Poland.


(c) Aleksandra Piatkowska


 I will help you preserve your important moments in a way you will be able to share with your family and friends.

Dziękujemy naszym darńczyncom!

Come to 46 Bal Polski and win this voucher to capture your special moment. Contact us at info@balpolski.org.uk to reserve your tickets for 46 Bal Polski!

46 Bal Polski + Zapraszamy

Our family studio in Gliwice Poland


For more information about my work please find me at Facebook

Fancy a 2 ½ year, 51,916km bicycle ride through 29 countries?

As a toddler, Jeremy Scott suffered from a huge hole in his aorta valve that cruelly denied him the opportunity to live the life of a normal healthy child. At just four years of age Jeremy underwent Open Heart Surgery at the hands of renowned surgeon Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes. Thirty four years later with practically no experience or training, Jeremy took the unbelievably courageous plunge and began a 2 ½ year, 51,916km bicycle ride that would see him cycle through 29 countries from London to New Zealand.

c) Jeremy Scott

While separate encounters with the Iranian and Filipino Mafia had Jeremy fearing for his life, it was the beautiful acts of kindness offered by strangers throughout the world that will forever warm his heart.

jeremy scott, 46 Bal Polski, bal polski,
C) Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott, bal polski, 46 Bal Polski
c) Jeremy Scott

While this beautiful story of self-discovery will leave you feeling genuinely inspired, Jeremy’s stunning photographs from the road will render you speechless in this stunning publication.

To view some more of the images you will find within this book please go to the following link:


The Long Road From A Broken Heart is not only a story about life in the saddle, it is story about the beautiful side of humanity and an example of what someone can achieve if they believe in themselves and have the courage to chase their dreams.

Jeremy has donated 1 signed and dedicated copy of his book to 46 Bal Polski fundraising.

46 Bal Polski + Zapraszamy


Can’t wait that long?…

To buy a copy of this book Jeremy will be donating 10% of the RRP on every book sold towards either the New Zealand, Australian and British Heart Foundations depending on where that book was sold.

For orders within the United Kingdom please follow the link to the British Heart Foundation Website:

Joanna Moro

Joanna Moro HOST 46 Bal Polski

We are delighted and honoured to announce that Joanna Moro will be our host for the 46 Bal Polski.

www.klocinski.com www.skattski.com         Joanna Moro was a guest at 45 Bal Polski


Joanna is a multi-talented multi-lingual Polish actress born in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius.

She comes from a Polish family living in Vilnius, Lithuania. She graduated from the Gymnasium ‘Adam Mickiewicz University’ in Vilnius. She was one of the leading actresses of Polish Theatre in Vilnius. In 2007, she graduated from the Theatre Academy ‘Alexander Zelwerowicz’ in Warsaw .

In the spring of 2014, she participated in the first emitted by Polsat edition of Dancing with the Stars: Dancing with the Stars. Her dance partner was Rafał Maserak. They took the 2nd place.

On March 29, 2014, She received the Victor Audience.

April 12, 2014, She was co-host of the election party convention Poland Total Jaroslaw Gowin. In November, she received a nomination for the 2015 Week Telekamery Tele Actress category


Dress Code

www.klocinski.com www.skattski.com

Part of the particular appeal of the Ball is that everyone attending is wearing traditional formal evening dress. The dress requirements are stated below in summary and in detail.

Please note that those not correctly dressed will be refused entry.

If you are unsure about any aspect of the dress code, please contact the Ball Secretary Ewa Cross info@balpolski.org.uk

Ladies’ Ball Gown

Floor length evening dress

Gentlemen Black Tie



Black single breatsed dinner jacket, black trousers, black bowtie, dress shirt.

The Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone incorrectly dressed

Bal Polski Obowiązuje strój wieczorowy

Dla Pań

Na Balu obowiazuje strój wieczorowy. Dlugie suknie balowe do ziemi, zakrywajaca buty.

Dla Panów

Smoking ciemny, marynarka jednorzędowa, koszula frakowa, koszulka formalna, kamizelka czarna.

Komitet ma prawo odmówienia wstępu osobom nie przestrzegającym regulaminu stroju wieczorowego

Please contact Ewa Cross Sekretarz with any queries info@balpolski.org.uk




We have a limited number of tickets for this magical night. Tickets can be reserved and purchased now!

Tables 47 BAL POLSI are available in rounds of 10 at £1,900
www.klocinski.com www.skattski.com

Your ticket includes:

  • Champagne Reception
  • Three course meal with half a bottle of wine, water, coffee and petits fours
  • Entertainment
  • Dancing until 2am.



46 Bal Polski tickets are sold in tables of 10 at £1,900 or £190 per person. We have only 300 tickets available. Tickets will be on sale up to 15th January 2019 or until sold out.

Ceny biletów Stolik 10 osob. £1,900 lub £190 od osoby.
Dostępnych jest 300 biletów. Płatności będą przyjmowane do 15 stycznia 2019. Bilety zostane wysłane w połowie stycznia.

Reserve your ticket by contacting Ewa Cross Secretary at info@balpolski.co.uk or using the reservation form below

Please note there is a strict dress code.


Please note that we cannot offer refunds on any tickets purchased.
Cancellations will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and customers will be charged a £25.00 handling fee in every instance.

Tickets will be sent to the Party Host ONLY. They will be sent out in mid first week in January 2019 or sooner.

Dress Code
The Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone incorrectly dressed (click here to see dress code), without a ticket or behaving in an appropriate  manner. No refunds will be issued in these instances.

For more details please click here.

Secretary | Sekretarz 47 Bal Polski OrganIsing Committee   info@balpolski.org.uk

Make a Donation

If you can’t make it to the 47 Bal Polski but you would like to make a donation to one of our chosen charities or if you would like more information, please email

Marzena Konarzewska 47 Bal Polski Chair: chair@balpolski.org.uk

Dorota Sztorc 47 Bal Polski Bursar: info@balpolski.org.uk

Thank you!




46 Bal Polski Donation: PZG Polish Association of the Deaf Centre Opole, Poland

Thanks to generous fundraising at 46 Bal Polski, a cheque for £40,000 was presented to:


Polish Association of the Deaf, Opole Centre for Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Deaf and Hearing-impaired children.

We are fundraising for the Specialist Centre for the Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Children and Young People with Hearing Impairments, based in Opole, Southern Poland. Currently renovating and refurbishing urgently needed new premises, it hopes to move there as soon as possible. The new location will allow access to not only able-bodied patients and parents with very young children, but also anyone with mobility problems, including senior citizens.


Projekt: Remont lokalu na nowa siedzibe Ośrodka

Osrodek rehabilitację słuchu i mowy wobec osób z uszkodzonym słuchem w różnym wieku. Opieką objęte są także dzieci ze sprzężonymi wadami rozwojowymi oraz dzieci słyszące rodziców niesłyszących.

Obecnie placowka znajduje sie na 2 pietrze przedwojennego budynku, gdzie konstrukcja nie pozwala na zamontowanie windy. Utrudnia to, a w niektorych przypadkach uniemozliwia dostep do jednostki. Na dzień dzisiejszy placówka nie spełnia wymogów Ministra Zdrowia, które nakazują placówką medycznym dostosowanie pomieszczeń do wymagań sanitarnych i ułatwienie dostępu dla osób niepełnosprawnych ruchowo. Grozi to zamknięciem Osrodka.

Organizacja pozyskała nowy lokal umieszczony na parterze z Urzedu Miasta Opola. Jednakże siedziba wymaga kapitalnego remontu. Dotychczas udalo się wymienic okna.


Celebration | Temat

46 Bal Polski Celebrating:

2018 r. Rok Jubileuszu 100-lecia Odzyskania Niepodległości

The 100th anniversary of Poland Regaining its Independence

ENG This year’s Polish Ball is honoured to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland’s restored independence, 123 years after the country disappeared from world maps, having been fully partitioned between the Russian, Prussian and Austrian empires.

This anniversary also commemorates and honours the efforts of all those who fought throughout this dark period to maintain the Polish spirit, language and culture, in spite of attempts by the occupiers to minimise or even forbid these activities, often violently.


Although it was a gradual road to full independence from 1918 onwards, Poland celebrates 11 November as the day that Marshal Józef Piłsudski, released from German captivity, assumed full authority over the new Polish state and formed a centralised government, calling parliamentary elections soon after. On that day, the dream of generations of Poles came true: the Polish state was reborn, throwing off the shackles of a nation partitioned and 123 years of serfdom. After great uprisings, free Poland was reinstated on the map of the world.

We commemorate those who remained unyielding not only on the battlefields but also the everyday effort to preserve the spiritual and material substance of the nation and the everyday endurance of Polish families.

We honour the work of every individual over the years since, who helped to re-establish the new Poland as an independent, strong European nation.