Mlody Las

46 Bal Polski was held on 3rd February 2018:

46 Bal Polski Polish Folklore Song and Dance Group

Młody Las zespoł are honoured and delighted to be entertaining guests at 46 Bal Polski and celebrating with them the 100 year anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. Choreography and rehearsals have started; on the night we will be performing Polish traditional national dances as well as leading our Bal Polski guests from the champagne reception to the ballroom in a Polonaise.

In 2017 Młody Las celebrates its 45th anniversary, established in 1972 by Mr Zbigniew Bartus.  Mr Zbigniew Bartus worked with the Polish community in Slough, and initiated the formation of a song and dance group, naming it Młody Las, namely, Young Forest: a new crop of young people growing in England yet with their roots tied to the traditions and culture of Poland.

The dance group is primarily a youth organisation, aiming to nurture and develop a love for the richness of Poland’s folklore among second and third-generation Poles born in this country and also with the new generation of Polish youth recently arrived to these shores. The dance group has helped with the integration of these young people by encouraging a healthy lifestyle and a commitment to community activities. Młody Las appears all over Southern England, mainly at charity and fund-raising events and, of course, multi-cultural celebrations, as well as traditional folk festivals.